SIP Calculator - Your Very Own SIP Investment Buddy


Are you a budding investor in SIP or an existing one who has a keen interest in finding out more and more about how and how much you can earn? Here is how an investor Sahil became a master planner in SIP from an enthusiast just like you by using the SIP calculator.

When Sahil came to know about SIP mode of investing in mutual funds for the very first time, he was very excited and keen to unfold the details and the rate of interest he can earn on his hard-earned saving over a specific period of time. He asked many agents and all he experienced was that they had only limited information which was almost the same. His thirst to know more remained intact until he came to know about a calculator. Yes, a calculator which is different from the regular one that we often use for performing basic mathematical calculations. This one calculates return, the return on SIP.

Sahil was thrilled, for now he was able to calculate how much he can earn on a monthly investment ranging in between Rs.500 to Rs.4,00,000 for a period of 1 to 35 years at an expected rate in between 6.5 up to 35 percent. He was so ecstatic and overjoyed that subconsciously, talking about it became a part of his daily conversations. Now he knew how to monetize the time value of his bundle of currency.

Whether you are an online investor or offline, it works for both. So, if you want to quench your thirst too, then start using this free SIP calculator just like Sahil did.

Are you wondering where to find it?

You can find it on the website,, under the SIP investment tab as SIP Calculator. Simply click and start using it, your very own buddy to simplify and make it all seem like a cakewalk. It leaves one wishing that had they known about it before, they could have invested more and earned more. So why wait, hurry and start using it now.

How to use it?

Once you open the SIP calculator, you have to enter the details in the three required fields so that the maturity amount can be shared with you along with the amount gained. Following is the detail about the fields, where you can calculate according to your wish, flexibly:

  1. Monthly Investment (in Rs.) - In this field, you need to enter the amount you are willing to invest in monthly. You have to enter in the multiples of Rs. 500 only.
  2. Time Horizon (in years) - This field requires the time period for which you want to invest in SIP. You can go through the advise available there that suggests an investment time period for different age groups.
  3. Expected Return - This field requires the expected rate of return you wish to receive on the sum you are investing in. You can consider the advise provided there that displays the risk that arises with different rates.

This SIP calculator at MySIPonline not only helps you in calculating but also saves your time and money which otherwise you could have spent on getting some expert's advise. It is an unbiased tool that showcases the most appropriate SIP investment options available in the market along with level of risks involved. Besides, it provides flexibility to find your very own mutual fund that you could otherwise only dream about.

Happy calculating!